Honest review of inflatable sailing catamaran

  • 11.10.2021
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   Honest review of the owner of the inflatable sailing catamaran SEA FISHER 550 from the company of the manufacturer of catamarans, kayaks and boats BOATHOUSE. The Sea Fisher lineup includes 9 catamarans for sea fishing, hunting and walks, of various configurations and sizes.

Sailing catamaran

   Boathouse sailing catamarans have excellent directional stability, easy sailing and the highest level of safety and comfort. You can talk a lot about SEA FISHER sailing catamarans for a long time, if you wish, you can watch videos on our Boathouse channel. Each model of the Boathouse sailing catamaran, without exception, is thought out and designed for any type of recreation on the water, the Sea Fisher series is built on hydrodynamic cylinders with a diameter of 55 cm, which allows us to use our pvc inflatable catamarans on large, open waters completely safely.

Inflatable sailing catamaran

   Indeed, even in the standard configuration, inflatable catamarans have 2 pressurized compartments on each cylinder, and in case of emergency damage to one of the compartments, you will calmly go to the shore or a safe area where you can make repairs, there is also a video about this on our channel.

Sailing inflatable pvc catamaran

   Sailing inflatable pvc catamaran can also be equipped with a gasoline engine or an electric motor, which are installed on a stationary transom of the catamaran. Oars with oarlocks are also provided, which will help out in the most unexpected situation! Order inflatable catamarans for rafting, fishing, boat trips and travel for every taste and budget.
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