Tourist inflatable catamarans SMART FISHER

  • 29.11.2021
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Tourist inflatable catamaran   

The series of inflatable catamarans for fishing SMART FISHER has gained great popularity not only among fishermen and hunters, but also loved by fans of outdoor activities on the water and tourists.

Tourist catamaran for rafting

   Reliable, safe, economical catamaran is very easy and quick to assemble - 15 minutes! - has excellent driving performance and technical characteristics. Possessing excellent directional stability, the inflatable tourist catamaran does not need constant steering and clearly keeps the set course, from the botra catamaran you can dive and climb back into the catamaran without worrying that it will roll over - it does not even roll at the same time!
Tourist inflatable catamarans

Inflatable tourist catamaran

   When using a 6 hp gasoline engine fuel consumption of about 1 liter per running day. The Smart Fisher series of tourist catamarans includes 9 models for every taste, needs and number of people in your family or company.
   Call, consult, order a catamaran for rafting, tourism, fishing - you will be satisfied with the purchase of our catamaran!
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