Inflatable catamaran with a raised boat SEA FISHER 410

  • 16.09.2019
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   BOATHOUSE made additional bulwarks for a number of models of inflatable catamarans intended for use in large water areas - sea, ocean, reservoirs. The bulwarks are made of the same fabric as the catamaran and installed directly on the PVC catamaran (inside the cockpit).
Bulwarks and a pump are stored in a locker and installed within a few minutes.    The use of bulwarks on catamarans increases their buoyancy and resistance to waves. It’s impossible to turn over our PVC inflatable catamaran with a bulwark, so you can safely go out into the water in almost any weather, it’s also advisable to use such a catamaran as a rescue boat, because the 3-seater catamaran SEA FISHER 410 if necessary takes on board 7 people, without even heeling.
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