Mini catamarans for fishing hunting MINI CAT

  • 08.12.2021
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   Inflatable mini catamarans BOATHOUSE were developed directly for fishing and hunting. When developing fishing mini catamarans, we took into account their possible use for all types of fishing: float, spinning, fly fishing, match, feeder and even carp. We made a special configuration for feeder and carp, which we will tell and show in spring.
mini catamarans
   The bottom of the mini catamaran does not touch the water, as, in principle, on all BOATHOUSE models, except for the Bober we will immediately attach a link for those who have not read the new product! This structure of an inflatable mini catamaran significantly expands the range of use of fishing mini catamarans, makes it possible to enter tight places, in shallow water, to wade through a reed without worrying that the catamaran can be damaged.
   For fans of extreme places to fish and hunt, we recommend that you immediately install additional protection for the lower part of the cylinders in order to completely secure your rest and hobby, and be ahead of all competitors among fishermen and hunters, since what our mini catamaran can allow you, no one will allow themselves !
   Call, order mini catamarans on the manufacturer's website, equip them with additional equipment that you need! Be the leader in your hobbies!
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