SUPKAT is not a board for a katannya, but a lot more!

  • 22.12.2021
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Inflatable mini catamaran

   SUPKAT is not a board for a katannya, but a lot more! SUPKAT is a mini catamaran that will enable all lovers of water active recreation to enjoy several planes at once.

Minicat for fishing

   Inflatable mini SUPKAT catamaran paddle and, of course, you can fish on a mini catamaran in the most inaccessible, and therefore little-visited places. And there, as you know, there are always more fish, but fewer people!
inflatable mini catamaran
   The minicat has additional protection for the bottom of the cylinders - this is the advantage of passing through shallow water, reeds, and tight spots, while the bottom does not touch the water surface, so it is quite difficult to damage an inflatable fishing catamaran!

Safe inflatable catamaran

   And safety is the main parameter of water recreation. It is also worth mentioning a hard, flat field with a non-slip surface, on which it is comfortable to stand both barefoot and in shoes at any time of the year! Water does not get on the floor so your feet and clothes are always dry!
   You can order and buy a SUPKAT mini catamaran on the official website of the manufacturer.
   Our catamarans have a 3-year warranty!
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