Oar canoeing TNP 240 cm

Oar canoeing TNP 240 cm

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Lightweight aluminum kayak paddle, a blade of a soft plastic alloy TNP, length 240cm. Buy paddle for kayak, catamaran in the online store boathouse.ua - producer price, quality, delivery.


General Description

Accessories for alloy catamarans TRAVEL, TRAVEL MAX, inflatable boats FISHER, SEAFISHER, frame and inflatable kayaks STREAM, SPORT from the company of manufacturer BOATHOUSE - awning sun aerodynamic, echo sounder, anchorage, anchor, anchor, anchor floor, reinforced transom, additional protection of the lower part of cylinders and much more.


Oar canoeing TNP 240 cm
Product Code: ТNP 240
Brand: TNP
The weight
Weight of aluminum frame


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