So what is it? A self-propelled seat or a boat?

  • 19.01.2024
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As everyone knows, it is necessary to prepare in advance for the fishing season. That's why we offer a very useful, one might say unique thing, which we called Minikat. This is because, in fact, this inflatable boat is a catamaran, only a small one. But our idea was to make something that would combine a real fishing boat and a comfortable seat for fishermen. Those people who have their perches on reservoirs know better than us all the disadvantages and advantages of their construction. First, we can very briefly report the main pros and cons.
Advantages. You have your fishing spot with a hard surface, from 1 to 4 square meters, where you can sit comfortably for fishing. If you constantly feed the fish, it gets used to it and goes to the fishing spot. And the main thing for which perch are built is to move to the place where the fish is located or moves. They try to gain a foothold as far as possible from the coast, or in those cities where the coast is inconvenient - there is a lot of tall vegetation and wetlands.
Disadvantages After every winter - a thorough repair. The worst part is that the ice pushes the supports out of the ground and can be carried away by the ice channel in the spring. On the perch, they fish on a float, where they fish on a feeder. It is not needed for spinning fishing. The fish must be constantly fed in order to attract them. And also, there is always a desire to move to another better town!))) Also, seasonal changes in the water level...
  People who fish on their boats, too, know better than us all the advantages and disadvantages. Especially since there are a lot of different boats. Therefore, we will not tire you with long conversations. One thing we can say is that no one is completely satisfied with their boats. Let's move on to our Mini Catamarans.
Their design is very simple: two asymmetric cylinders, on which two transoms are installed, and between them is fixed a hard deck made of marine plywood with an anti-slip surface. Of course, there is protection of cylinders, and handles for carrying and mooring, and a safety halyard, and additional places for various things. But those are all conveniences. The main thing is an absolutely flat area above the water surface, 90 cm wide and 125 cm to 250 cm long. Thus, it is both a good seat for fishermen and a comfortable boat! Even carp chairs can be placed on the Minikat, and it moves with minimal resistance against the current on an electric motor. It is convenient to stand on a hard surface and cast spinning, even fly fishing. With the help of the echo sounder, you can find the perfect place and anchor. Fishing rod holders, anchors, echo sounders and anything else are attached to cylinders or transoms. It should be emphasized separately that the Minikat does not overturn, does not hold water in it, it goes very well over aquatic vegetation and is assembled in a few minutes.
We hope that you will like Mini Catamarans and will definitely become your favorites. There is currently an ongoing promotion that allows you to purchase or order a Minikat in an individual configuration at an attractive price. We thank our ZSU that we have the opportunity to work for you!
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