Which is really better: a boat or a catamaran?

  • 24.01.2024
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Although our company produces only catamarans, we will try to understand this issue clearly and objectively. We will compare inflatable catamarans with inflatable boats. What are their useful properties, what are their disadvantages, for whom they are more suitable and other questions.
      First, let's take inflatable boats. They can be divided into several groups: keeled and flat-bottomed, rowing and motorized. The most common boats are from 160 cm to 460 cm long, with a maximum width of up to 180 cm and a cylinder diameter of up to 50 cm. Thus, we can derive common features on the basis of which to draw conclusions.

  The main advantages of inflatable boats:
- Compactness when assembled.
- Relatively simple assembly of small models.
- Very attractive prices.
- Normal running characteristics and speed under high power engines in the glide mode.
- Large carrying capacity.

  The main disadvantages of inflatable boats:
- Difficult assembly of rigid flooring on large models.
- Poor movement on oars and engines of low power, low speed.
- Poor passability in overgrown places of reservoirs.
- Average level of security.
- Minimal comfort.
- Unsuitability for travel and comfortable rest.
- High fuel consumption.
- Inaccessibility of the average speed range.
- They need high-power engines, which are several times more expensive than the boat itself.

   And now we will consider catamarans. Although there are many more types than inflatable boats, they also have common features. And therefore we can also draw conclusions. The length of inflatable catamarans is from 300 cm to 860 cm, the width is up to 260 cm, and the diameter of the balloons is up to 65 cm.

  The main advantages of inflatable catamarans:
- Very simple assembly, even the largest models.
- Easy rowing.
- Excellent speed on engines of any power, even the smallest.
- Using the entire speed range.
- Good passability in overgrown places of reservoirs.
- High level of security.
- High level of comfort.
- Low fuel consumption.
- Suitability for travel and comfortable rest.
- Large internal space.
  Disadvantages of inflatable catamarans:
- Significant volume and weight of large models.
- Heavy production with completely manual labor of highly qualified specialists.
- Higher price compared to inflatable boats.
- Average carrying capacity.
If we now compare the advantages and disadvantages of boats and catamarans, we will find out that catamarans have many more advantages than boats. Then why are there about 50 boats for one catamaran in Ukraine? What sets 2 percent of the total fleet? The answer is simple and obvious: the low standard of living and conservative thinking of our population. Even the fact that a boat + a high-power engine will be more expensive than a catamaran + a medium-power engine cannot put everything in its place. And this is also a paradox!))) By the way, in America, the fleet of catamarans makes up about 40%, and boats - about 60%. And in Australia, the total number of catamarans is more than 50%! We hope this information was useful to you.

But, due to the fact that there are a large number of different inflatable catamarans, we definitely recommend talking to our specialists in order to choose the right model and equipment for your personal needs. And then you will enjoy using your catamaran for more than 10 years!

Glory to our Armed Forces and a quick Victory to all of us!
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