Boat with transom

  • 04.02.2022
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Speedboat with transom

   The Ukrainian manufacturer BOATHOUSE makes the best catamaran boats with a transom. Regardless of who you need a catamaran, kayak or boat, they are all distinguished by outstanding safety, economy, and you can talk about exceptional comfort and the possibility of inflatable boats with a transom for a very long time! After all, it is comfort that we dedicate our work to. Driving performance and speed characteristics, especially when using budget gasoline engines, leave competitors far behind! You can sit with your whole friendly company or family on one cylinder of a transom catamaran and nothing will happen - it won’t roll over, it won’t even roll over - it was tested on different models, the result is the same - everything is on board and the catamaran is indestructible)
buy inflatable boats with a transom

inflatable catamaran

   Anyone who likes active recreation on the water, welcome to our company! BOATHOUSE rigid transom catamarans and high-speed boats are able to meet the most demanding requirements! Whether you like rafting on a river or a reservoir, traveling by sea, fishing or hunting - we will pick up catamarans and pvc boats with a rigid transom for any hobby or business. A catamaran structure will give you a huge advantage over all inflatable and keel boats - a bottom that does not touch the water surface, protection of the bottom of the cylinders, a waterproof locker and much more, which will allow you to enter secluded, hard-to-reach or completely inaccessible places for others, because catamarans with transom BOATHOUSE - these are real luxury water SUVs!

Inflatable high speed catamaran

   You can buy an inflatable transom catamaran by leaving an order in the basket, by issuing a call back or dial the specified contact phone number! We will first discuss all the needs and configuration of the selected model. We will manufacture and ship, if necessary, your catamaran by a convenient transport company directly to your destination.
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