BOATHOUSE TRAVEL XXL inflatable catamaran gangway

  • 07.07.2020
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Inflatable commercial catamarans for water excursions, walks, fishing, diving BOATHOUSE

Commercial catamaran

   TRAVEL XXL series inflatable catamarans are designed for both private and commercial use. Commercial catamarans are built on a cylinder with a diameter of 67 cm and installed bulwarks of 32 cm, which eliminates any troubles on the water in any weather and wave!

Inflatable commercial catamaran

   Travel XXL catamarans have a rigid structure thanks to the front and transverse frames and transom, on which the engine is mounted. The largest model of an inflatable commercial catamaran takes 36 passengers aboard, for the convenience of raising an inflatable catamaran on board or leaving it, a rigid gangway is installed in the bow. The gangway is easy to install and remove as needed. Subscribe to youtube the channel, watch news about kayaks, catamarans, water recreation!

BOATHOUSE TRAVEL XXL inflatable catamaran gangway
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