Catamaran for any kind of fishing

  • 08.02.2021
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Small catamaran fishing 

   Mini catamaran MINI KAT is intended for lovers of fishing and hunting. The inflatable fishing mini catamaran is very compact and lightweight, fits into the trunk of any car. The assembly takes less than 10 minutes. Mini PVC catamaran is suitable for any type of fishing: float, spinning, match, fly fishing, feeder and even carp, but for carp fishing we have developed a specially oriented catamaran, which will soon be tested and you will see everything on our channel.

Catamaran fishing boat

   MINI KAT is available in two versions, short and long, with the XL index. Both are also reviewed on BOATHOUSE. The fishing catamaran has a rigid, flat deck with a non-slip surface and an overhead position, which gives two full square meters of free space. Where you can sit with maximum comfort yourself and lay out all the necessary accessories for fishing or hunting.
   The fishing mini catamaran is equipped with a transom and a front frame for installing a gasoline engine or an electric motor, just in case, there is a kayak paddle in the kit so that you can always get to the shore. All our catamarans for fishing, hunting, rafting, travel, and boat trips are completely safe, economical and comfortable, because the list of additional equipment will surprise even the most demanding customers.
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