Mini catamaran or floating whitefish BOATHOUSE

  • 08.01.2021
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Mini catamaran

A mini catamaran or floating sizha for fishing from the BOATHOUSE company is a universal inflatable mini PVC catamaran, created for almost any type of fishing.
   The fishing mini catamaran is built on a 38 cm cylinder, has a flat rigid deck made of marine plywood with a non-slip coating and top positioning. Thus, you have a full-fledged flat place, about 2 sq / m, for the location of all fishing accessories.

Mini catamaran fishing

 On a fishing catamaran, you can freely position a carp chair for comfortable rest and fishing. The width of the mini catamaran and the upper position of the deck gives you the opportunity to move around the cockpit completely safely, the mini cat does not even roll. The fishing mini catamaran will satisfy fans of float, match, feeder, spinning, fly fishing, and you can also try carp fishing!
   More details about models of mini catamarans for fishing can be found on the manufacturer's website. Every year from October 1 to March 1, BOATHOUSE provides a 5% discount on the entire range of catamarans for rafting, traveling, fishing, hunting and water activities. Follow the news on our you tube channel.
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