Inflatable catamaran on additional cylinders BOATHOUSE

  • 02.01.2021
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Inflatable catamarans fishing

 The manufacturer BOATHOUSE, which manufactures inflatable catamarans, boats and transom kayaks, presents to your attention an experimental project - an inflatable catamaran on additional cylinders, built on the basis of the SMART FISHER 571 catamaran for fishing and hunting. A standard inflatable catamaran has a length of almost 6 meters, 3 equal cockpits of 1.32 meters each with a completely flat, hard floor made of marine plywood with a non-slip coating.

Fishing catamaran

 SMART FISHER 571 is very popular among fishermen and hunters, because it provides complete safety and a high level of comfort! Each individual cockpit has enough room to fully accommodate one person and all accessories.
 This design was created to obtain objective data on the advantages or disadvantages of such a structure. See what happened in our videos. This is for informational purposes, and in the future we will provide a full report with the taken metrics of speed, maneuverability, control on an electric motor, gasoline engine and oars both in this configuration and in the standard one, that is, without cylinders. Don't miss it - it will be interesting!
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