Anchor clip simple

Anchor clip simple

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It is mounted directly on a boat or catamaran boat and provides convenient descent and anchor lifting.
Suitable for rope up to Ø10 mm. Equipped with a rope recess made of durable plastic. The rope threaded between the loop and the roller made from polyamide, which is attached to the case of the anchor knot, can easily go in one direction and the other, and is fixed to the roller knot by a loop from the same rope. The body does not have the ability to rearrange as welded to the body of an inflatable hydrodynamic cylinder. The roller can be lubricated with silicone grease for a more comfortable movement of the anchor rope. Silicone grease prevents the formation of a water film and prevents it from freezing, which ensures reliable operation in low temperature conditions.

General Description

Accessories for alloy catamarans TRAVEL, TRAVEL MAX, inflatable boats FISHER, SEAFISHER, frame and inflatable kayaks STREAM, SPORT from the company of manufacturer BOATHOUSE - awning sun aerodynamic, echo sounder, anchorage, anchor, anchor, anchor floor, reinforced transom, additional protection of the lower part of cylinders and much more.


Anchor clip simple
Product Code: Якорный ролик простой
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