Fishfinder transducer arm mount
Fishfinder transducer arm mount

Fishfinder transducer arm mount

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This allows for installation of a fishfinder transducer on a transom. It is fitted in the FMb mount.
The mechanism enables the arm to be adjusted for stiffness. With a watercraft on the move, in case of a collision with an obstacle the arm moves sideways, which helps to protect the transducer from damage.

General Description

Accessories for alloy catamarans TRAVEL, TRAVEL MAX, inflatable boats FISHER, SEAFISHER, frame and inflatable kayaks STREAM, SPORT from the company of manufacturer BOATHOUSE - awning sun aerodynamic, echo sounder, anchorage, anchor, anchor, anchor floor, reinforced transom, additional protection of the lower part of cylinders and much more.


Fishfinder transducer arm mount
Product Code: Крепление для датчика эхолота
Brand: Boathouse
The weight
Weight of aluminum frame


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